The Dancing Dog

The Dancing Dog is play for very young audiences (3+) and their families.  The play is inspired by the adoption of my own childhood dog, Rosie, and loosely adapted from a picture book that I created in middle school.

The play focuses on two sisters, Daisy and Lily, who are excited to adopt a dog from an animal shelter.  After seeing a variety of dogs, they agree on one energetic pup!  When the sisters bring the dog home, they become easily frustrated when the dog doesn't fit their expectations.  In the end, the dog expresses its true spirit and personality and both sisters are delighted by what they learn!

Characters: Lily, Daisy, Dog (Rosie) 

Actors: 3 Actors (3F) 


Workshop, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ - YEAR?

Production: none yet...but this small scale show is ideal for touring and could be an excellent opportunity to partner with a local animal shelter or rescue organization in your community 


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