Girls Who Wear Glasses

Growing up is hard enough, navigating friendship, school and parents. But when Mira has to get glasses, it is the last straw. As she deals with old friends who are suddenly only interested in popularity and new friends who want her to be more like them, Mira has to decide who she really wants to be. With the help of her glasses, she starts to see clearly in more ways than one, as she learns to stand up for herself in this humorous story about fitting in, friendship and frames. 

Characters: Mira Pierce, Tiffany/Claire (G), Lindsay/Iris (G), Ms. Scope (G) /Sybil Pierce 

** (G)-Signifies character who wears glasses.

Actors: 4 Actors (4F) 

This play is intended to be performed by four women.  Three of the actors play two different characters in the story; one who wears glasses and one who does not.  With a simple change of glasses 'on' or 'off' the actor can transform from one character to another.


Workshop, Northwestern University-Purple Crayon Players, 2013


Childsplay, Tempe, AZ, 2015